Oregon Lumber Company's End Grain flooring has been specified for corporate offices, museums, retail stores, libraries, student unions, music centers, and residencies. The butcher block durability of the end grain along with the deeply penetrating low maintenance oil finish has proven long term performance with an economical cost.  Jobs dating back to the 1930’s are still performing.  Worthwood originates from individual blocks recovered on a salvage basis. The wood is finished with a soft aluminum wire spline into flexible strips. One installed, the end grain has a non-repeating appearance and is acoustically absorbent.



Worthwood Solid End Grain - Oregon Lumber Company

Recycled Pacific Northwest wood is carefully selected, precision machined, kiln dried and turned on end. The individual end grain blocks are assembled together with a soft aluminum wire spline into flexible strips. End Grain is so tough it will outlast most buildings.

Worthwood Engineered End Grain -  - Oregon Lumber Company

Worthwood engineered end grain is manufactured from European White Oak cants that are sliced, carefully dried and pressed to a core and backer. The product is then tongue and grooved, end matched and finished.

Worthwood Douglas Fir Ply - Oregon Lumber Company

Worthood Douglas Fir Ply is a solid wood floor made with salvaged laminated veneer lumber.  Laminated veneer lumber is engineered for performance and durability. It's original use is for beams and door headers due to it's load bearing capacity. 


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