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End Grain Flooring



Available in 4 net thicknesses, 1", 1-1/2", 2", and 2-1/2". Selected wood blocks kiln dried, turned on end, and precision machined 4 sides. Douglas Fir or Hemlock. Assembled with a soft aluminum wire spline into flexible strips. Tongue & groove construction op­tional. Strip widths 3-1/8", 3-3/8", 4-3/8", 4-5/8", 5-3/8". Strip length random (heavy 30" to 33"). Bot­tom edges beveled and back side grooved for surplus mastic. Factory sanded 40 grit. Average weight 3# per square foot. Applied with adhesive mastic to concrete slab, plywood, particleboard, or other flat sur­faces. Finished on jobsite with an oil or catalyzed finish.

Almost indestructible. Installations over 40 years old are today good as new. Wearing properties superior to concrete. No sliver or splinter. No crumble. Non-dusting. Clean. Light color. Non-slip. Odorless. Non­conductive. Not damaged by heat, cold,  or oil. 

Penetrating oil finish and color go perma­nently deep into the end grain allowing hard annual growth rings to carry the wear. Same principle as the butcher's block. Here is the comfort of wood with the lower maintenance of a hard surface. Wax optional. This surface does not need a protective film or coat. Economical. 

The full 1" to 2½" deep blanket of wood utilizes the "R" factor of wood providing sig­nificant fuel savings through slab insulation. Worthwood, 1½" thick, insulates ap­proximately equal to 23" of concrete. Cooling costs reduced on suspended slab. 

Blocks are friction connected on wire and being individual within each strip they effec­tively absorb noise and vibration. Excellent for museums, libraries, theaters, and acting areas. Softens the bounce from glass and masonry. Absorbs machine vibration. Less noise than thin parquet.

Here is a warm natural material with a unique texture. Every block is different. The end grain character and variety combine to present a smooth, non-repeating texture. Age improves Worthwood . Foot traffic polishes to a soft patina. 

The 1" to 2½" block thickness offers the full resilience of wood. Less fatigue. More em­ployee comfort and efficiency. Excellent for shopping centers and high traffic areas. More resilience than thin parquet. 

Worthwood will adapt to any high or low level of moisture providing humidity is rela­tively consistent from season to season. In those geographical areas where the humid­ity varies widely, Worthwood requires control of excessive change through adequate air conditioning in the cooling season and humidification during the cold months. 

Almost any color is available by adding pig­ment to the finish prior to application. The more popular Natural through Walnut shades available premixed at the factory singly or in specified combination. 

Medium initial cost combined with 1} extreme longevity, 2) very low maintenance and 3) fuel saving through slab insulation make Worthwood especially economical for those areas subject to severe wear. 

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