Worthwood Solid End Grain

Recycled Pacific Northwest wood is carefully selected, precision machined, kiln dried and turned on end. The individual end grain blocks are assembled together with a soft aluminum wire spline into flexible strips. End Grain is so tough it will outlast most buildings. Wood Handbook # 72 published by the Department of Agriculture indicates Douglas Fir on end will take over a million pounds per square foot before there is dimensional change. The oil finish and color permanently penetrates deep into the end grain allowing hard annual growth rings to carry the wear. Low VOC pigmented oil is shipped with the order for a smooth sand and finish on-site installation.

Species             Doug Fir, Hemlock, Alder, Oak
Applications     High Traffic Commercial, Residential
Strip Lengths   Average Length 30" – 34"
Width                 3 1/4" (standard) 3 5/8"    4 5/8"
Installation       Glue or Glue/Nail to plywood substrate
Finish                 Pigmented oil shipped with order for field finish, Prefinished
Thickness         3/4" & 1" (standard)   1 1/2"    2"     2 1/2"
Doug Fir Black Walnut
Doug Fir Ebony 50 50
Doug Fir Natural
Doug Fir Ebony 1-4
Doug Fir Butternut
Doug Fir Cherry Rosewood
Doug Fir Extra White
Doug Fir Nutmeg
Doug Fir Sienna
Doug Fir Salt Gray
Doug Fir TW 32-1
Doug Fir Tabasco
Hemlock 2-6-1
Hemlock Butternut
Hemlock Salt Gray
Hemlock Sienna
Hemlock Tabasco
Hemlock 32-1
Hemlock Ebony 50-50
Redwood Natural
Oak Natural
Douglas Fir Brushed Finish